Raymond Sisneros

Raymond Sisneros, a gardener who lives in Raton, New Mexico, shows off his 14-pound zucchini Wednesday, Oct. 20 he harvested in the backyard garden he has at his home. Sisneros began gardening as a child with his family in Stonewall and continues the practice as his hobby. Because of this heafty prize, it’s highly likely that a little (or a lot) of stew and zucchini bread is in the near future for the Sisneros family.

A Raton, New Mexico, gardener has grown a 14-pound zucchini, beating his previous record of 9 pounds 4 ounces.

Raymond Sisneros, a Raton resident of 35 years who grew up gardening with his family in Stonewall, Colorado, proudly showed off his zucchini Wednesday, Oct. 20 before cutting it from its stalk and weighing it.

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